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The Go-To For Taxation Planning in Sutherl and shire’s

Tax may be the single largest cost in any business. As such, it needs to be managed more actively than any other expense and with the end of the financial year less than 100 days away, it is becoming increasingly important for Australians to ensure their taxation planningprocesses are effective and efficient.

That is why at Southside Accounting, we work to assist your taxation planning and arrange your financial affairs in ways that aim to minimise your taxes.

When it comes to reducing your taxes, there are three main options presented to Australians:

  1. You can reduce your taxable income;
  2. Increase your deductions; or
  3. Take advantage of tax credits, rebates and/losses

As these options may be easier said than done, at Southside Accounting we commence your tax planning procedures with a detailed review of the taxpaying position and the historical records.

By analysing future plans, your appointed Southside Accounting consultant will then use this collated information to recommend the most appropriate way to navigate you towards your financial goals.

Southside Accounting can not only assist you in your taxation planning, but also provide professional assistance in a number of other financial areas. These include but are not limited to, understanding the demands of your tax affairsfinancial reporting, stocktaking and buying and selling businesses.

For more information on how Southside Accounting can assist with the taxation planning of your business, contact 1300 769 449 or fill in an enquiry form here.

Tax Accountant Services in the Sutherl and Shire

Australians are legally obliged to pay tax for their personal and business incomes at the end of the financial year. The calculation and lodgment of tax returns often present a difficult task to individuals and business owners, leading manyto seek the professional services of a tax accountant.

If you are looking for a registered and experienced tax accountant in the Sutherl and Shire, Southside Accounting is the go-to destination. At Southside, we offer competitive and friendly tax accountant services with a personal touch.

The services that our tax accountants provide include identifying how much tax you are required to pay, assisting with the lodgment of your current and past tax returns and resolving any variations in between.

While we are based in Sutherl and, our tax accountants also provide services to other areas, including the St George and metro areas, Greater Sydney and right across the nation.

To contact Southside Accounting and find out more about our taxation services, simply fill out our online enquiry form or call us today on 1300 769 449.

Southside Accounting: The Local Accounting and Taxation Specialists

Established in 2005, Southside Accounting is an accounting and registered taxation agency offering friendly and personalised services to those in and around the Sutherl and Shire, St. George area and Greater Sydney and Sydney Metropolitan areas.

With 12 years of industry experience at a long well established Sutherl and Shire Accountancy firm prior to starting Southside Accounting in January 2005, director David D’Alessio, possesses the experience, knowledge and expertise to provide clients with highly efficient and competitive accounting services.

At Southside Accounting, we can take care of all your accounting and taxation needs, including the lodgement of current tax returns or lodgement of multiple tax returns from past years. Our genuine interest in your accounting needs sets us apart from competitors, and our dedication to the highest ethical standards means that we build our client relationships are built on foundations of mutual trust and understanding.

We understand that business owners and individuals often do not possess the knowledge, dedication or time required to manage their own financial affairs. This is where the team at Southside Accounting come in.

Not only can we assist you in understanding the demands of your financial affairs, but we also provide professional assistance in a number of financial areas. These include but are not limited to, financial reporting, taxation planning, stocktaking and buying and selling businesses.

Furthermore with the end of the financial year in sight, this is the time Southside Accounting begin to resemble the local superhero. By working closely with clients to analyse their financial affairs, our professional team will identify how much tax you are required to pay, assist with lodging your tax return and resolve any variations in between.

Under 21 years of age? Southside Accounting offers an exclusive deal, granting Australian youth tax returns for as little as $21!

To find out more or to see how Southside Accounting can help you, give us a call today on 1300 769 449 or fill in an enquiry form here.

Six Easy Tips for Successful Stocktaking

For each financial year, business owners are expected to complete their stock take. Owners need to count the inventory they have on hand at the conclusion of each financial year. This will provide an accurate representation of the total value of the business’s assets and identify any variations between their records and actual stock.

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, Southside Accounting has compiled a list of the top six tips for successful and efficient stocktaking.

  1. Be clear about what you want to measure. The first step is to identify the stock you want to count and where they are located.
  2. Communicate with your team.Ensure everyone on your stocktaking team knows what constitutes a ‘unit’ for each stock item and have a good working knowledge on how to operate the recording system.
  3. Be consistent. Ensure you conduct your stocktaking at the same time or the same day. Consistency is critical to obtain an accurate picture of stock movement and gross margin value.
  4. Assuming numbers is an unnecessary risk. Do not estimate the amount of stock you have, even if you think you have a good idea about the quantities. It is much more efficient to get it right the first time.
  5. Remove distractions. Discourageidle chitchat and the use of mobile phones by your stocktaking team. Distractions can easily lead to errors in counting numbers.
  6. Follow through. Check the variations between actual stock numbers and the accounting records as they may indicate problems with stock management.

Stocktaking often presents a difficult and tedious task to business owners. In many cases, seeking the services of a professional stocktaking team provides the best option.

Southside Accounting takes the hassle out of stocktaking. To find out more about our services, give us a call today on 1300 769 449 or fill outour enquiry form here.